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    And what on earth are Neonicotinoids? Neonicotinoids are a commonly used pesticide, which is applied to the seed prior to planting rather than by spray application. Opponents believe it is responsible for causing disorientation in bees and consequently partly responsible for the decline in bee populations. Organic standard certification prohibit the use of Neonicotinoids.

    We’re very proud to say that our organic license helps to sustain some of the happiest, healthiest honey bees in the world.

    Read more about Neonicotinoids here.

    We would recommend that you store your oils away from direct sunlight. Always replace the lid on the bottle immediately after using to maintain the quality and subtle undertone flavours. It’s not necessary to store your rapeseed oil in the fridge but we would recommend that you don’t store it by the hot stove either!

    At Second Nature Oils we have no interest in oil clarity, sedimentation tanks and complex filtration systems. We believe in the least amount of interference possible. Which is why you may find sediment in the bottom of your bottle. You will find rapeseed oil and olive oil even cloudier if you store them in the fridge or in a cold pantry. This does not affect the quality of the oil.

    It’s not. Like apples and oranges, they are very different. In our kitchen cupboard we have a large array of freshly cold pressed organic oils, all doing a different job, for different dishes and different nutritional needs. The possible advantage here in Ireland is that our imported supermarket oils tend to be quite old and of poor quality whereas Irish rapeseed oils tends to be fresher. And of course, it’s always better to support local and Irish products. Apart from that, there are ongoing controversies and scandals around the content of popular olive oil brands found on our supermarket shelves.

    Read about them here.

    Do blueberries make you blue? Good fats are very important in our diet and do not make you fat just as blueberries do not make you blue!