Welcome to Second Nature Oils

“The original Irish organic rapeseed oil”

Drumeen Farm, in Co. Kilkenny, is one of the oldest existing certified organic farms in Ireland where we grow, cold press and bottle a multi award winning 100% Irish extra virgin rapeseed oil, we started pressing an Irish alternative to imported oils on a small scale in 2007, making us the oldest existing producers of culinary rapeseed oil in the country.

  • Irish consumers have really taken to it and in Germany rapeseed oil has become the most favoured culinary oil, beating olive oil into 2nd place.
  • Our oils are the only freshly cold pressed certified organic extra virgin rapeseed oil fully produced in Ireland or the UK and is used at State Dinners, representing the best of Irish food.
  • We always cold press, bottle immediately and dispatch directly from our farm - no heat treatments, sedimentation tanks or distributors, this means it is truly fresh and no oxidization has occurred ensuring the highest possible nutritional value and flavor at the best possible price.
  • We only ever process and present our oils in light protective packaging, this way the light sensitive omega 3,6 &9′s are completely protected. Light protective packaging also means that the subtle undertone flavors and nuances are fully preserved.
  • Unlike many culinary oils, Second Nature’s Rapeseed oil is grown and bottled without the use of industrial solvents, heat treatments, activated carbon, chemical fungicides, insecticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilisers. It is a sustainable and green product and our honey bees love that there are no nasty chemicals sprayed on it!

“Finally, a multi award winning, Irish alternative to imported culinary oils!”